Can You Move To Canada With No Money? Find Out Here

Can You Move To Canada With No Money? Find Out Here

A lot of times, we get comments from people asking how to move to with no money. We get them a lot of times even through email and we thought it wise to finally talk to the subject.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve endeavored to share tips that can help you immigrate to . Not just immigrating to , but also securing a job in . We’ve also talked about visa-related subjects amongst others.

In this post, we’d love to answer the question of whether or not, it’ possible to move to with no money. We’d also like to talk about a related subject.

Can You Move To Canada With No Money? Find Out Here

So without further ado, let’ jump to the main subject.

Can You Actually Move To With No Money?

Well, upon doing a google search on the subject, you’d be faced with a few answers. Of course, most of them are just sarcasm.

Now to the real question of whether or not you can travel to with no money, the simple realistic answer is NO!

No in the sense that, you need money to travel. Even within the city you currently live in, you need money to use public transport and the likes. To move to , you will need more money. As a matter of fact, one of the necessary documents required before gaining entry to is your bank statement for the last couple of months.

Now, that’ not to say there isn’t a way you can still travel to without money. There actually is. Do stick around for more information on that.

Still dwelling on being able to move to without money, you cannot legally move to without money and that’ the actual truth. This is because is looking out for itself. It’ a country a lot of persons sort to travel to and its doors isn’t open to just anyone. There are standards, requirements for you to be able to legally move to .

Of course, you can illegally enter with no money but that’ not advisable by any standards. Based on research, some immigrants claim asylum and a lot of times, a lot of these people end up being deported. About 70% the last time checked.

Being deported means that they are banned from returning to the country again. In most cases, the history is being shared with the US, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. For this reason, these countries will most likely reject applications from these people if in the future, they want to move to any of those countries.

Now, would you say it’ worth risking? Absolutely not!

Hence, it’ best you go to Canada legally which entails you getting a visa and going through the due process.

Having said that, is there truly a way to move to Canada with no money? Let’ find out!

How To Move To Canada With No Money

As said above, while a lot of persons may have succeeded in moving to Canada with no money, it’ not legally possible.

Having said that, there’ a way you can move to Canada with no money, and legally too.



Yes, you can have someone, family or an organization sponsor your moving to Canada. If you happen to secure a Job, the employer can facilitate your movement to Canada. Your family can sponsor your movement to Canada that way, you don’t have to personally spend money.

Another way to move to Canada with no money is through marriage. This entails your spouse sponsoring your relocation from your current city to Canada.

There you have it, guys! Hope that answers your question regarding moving to Canada with no money? If you have further questions, do not hesitate to share using the comment form.

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